The Tri-colored Pottery of Tang is one kind of the most famous traditional handicrafts in China. It is a kind of glazed pottery with beautiful designs & wonderful colors. The Tri-colored Pottery of Tang began to be made & prevailed in Tang Dynasty of China and three colors of glaze (brown, green & white) were commonly used on it in Tang Dynasty, so it is called Tri-colored Pottery of Tang. At that time, this pottery represented a peak in the development of Chinese Ceramics and they were used by the nobles as luxuries.

Tri-colored Pottery of Tang is a kind of art forms, which embodies the finest in sculpture, painting and ceramic technology of Tang Dynasty. Its realistic and highly mature modeling technique produces lifelike forms, while its palette of colored glazes is fluently applied to create effects of dazzling beauty. Other decorative techniques such as embossing, stippling and carving are also applied with great skill. The sublime artistry and rich content of Tri-colored Pottery Of Tang make it a highlight of Chinese Ceramics History.

The production of Tri-colored Pottery of Tang has very complex processes. It should be shaped, heated, glazed, heated under high temperature again before it is finished. The colors of it also have red, purple, black, blue, green, yellow and so on, nearly any color we wanted can be used.

After tens of years' development, the technology of Tri-colored Pottery of Tang has been improved rapidly. In the past years, it was impossible to use red glaze on Tri-colored Pottery of Tang under high temperature of 1100¡æ, because higher the temperature, lighter the red. In April of 1998, we have overcome this difficulty and success to get red glaze under high temperature, and series of glazes relative with red glaze have also been made successfully till now.

All Tri-colored Pottery of Tang is made by hand, including shaping, sculpture, embossing, stippling, carving, painting, etc. The most miraculous thing about it is, the colors of glaze on it are same ¨C "Orange" before it is put into electric stove; but when it is heated under the high temperature about 1100¡æ, different glazes flow naturally & mingled with each other under high temperature; after twenty-four hours, different colors appear and formed smooth tones. The colors of Tri-colored Pottery of Tang are very wonderful and are looked much special than the colors on stoneware & porcelain.

There are many kinds of products made of Tri-colored Pottery of Tang, including horses, camels, personal characters, painting and so on, which have already been well-known in the world. And these products have been exported to many countries for tens of years, such as U.S.A., Canada, U.K., France, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Pakistan, Srilanka, etc.

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